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Command Center with Street Selector

The Command Center is activated by pressing the Jivaro logo appearing above the PokerStars chat window and is closed by pressing the “X”. It offers three major features: Street Selector, Info Panel and Live Pot Odds.

The Street Selector allows you to switch between streets (pre-flop, turn and river), and see your opponents statistics on each street. So if you want to see how aggressive someone is on the turn, then you can find that out now and discover their weaknesses.

The tournament Info Panel collects information about each of the tournaments tables you are seated down at and provides you with a quick and easy overview. Things such as tournament type, winnings, entrants, places paid, remaining players. This feature is especially useful for tournament players as they won‘t have to browse to multiple locations to see how they are doing in each of the active tournaments. The cash game Command Center displays information such as your win / loss, average VPIP and average aggression frequency on the tab.

Live Pot odds are also displayed in the Command Center and they are updated live and in real time. They change with every bet and help you with your decision making.

Command Center with Street Selector

Pro Statistics

There are around 300 different statistics used in online poker, but through careful analysis and discussions with top level professionals the Jivaro team has filtered out what are believed to be the most important stats. This was done to not only make the use of the Jivaro HUD easier but also more reliable. So you don’t have to spend weeks investigating the best setup, our team has done all that for you.

A part of our service is constant monitoring and testing of new statistics and ideas. So when we find something that we feel is useful we will offer that to you. This guarantees your setup will automatically be updated and improved based upon actual science.

Jivaro Premium will now show you: Re-raise (3 Bet), Fold to 3 Bet, Continuation Bet (CBet), Fold to CBet, Steal, Fold to Steal, Cold Call, Bet, Fold to River Bet, Raise on Flop, Turn Aggression Frequency, and River Aggression Frequency. On top of that you will be able to see certain statistics on each street.

Jivaro Premium now comes with a panel that displays the advanced statistics on each opponent. To see the values represented in the core circular indicator, you just move the mouse over that part of the HUD and they are displayed in the Statistics Panel. So no pop-ups or other annoying visual disruptions – It's all contained within the Statistics Panel.

Premium Statistics

Core Statistics

Jivaro Premium utilizes what we call the 'core statistics' circular indicator which utilizes graphical meters to show the value of each of the three core stats. It shows how many hands a user plays (VPIP), how aggressive they play pre-flop (PFR) and how aggressive they play post-flop (AFq). Even users that have never used a HUD feel at ease with the circular indicator.

Premium Core Statistics

Tournament Overview

All your tournaments in the same place with all the info you need. Gives you a great overview of your tournament progress.

Tournament Overview

Positional Awareness

The HUD has been injected with intelligence. It will filter out statistics which are not relevant and only show you statistics which are applicable. This is done to cut down the information load so you can spend your time on playing poker and not be scanning through a wall of unsuitable numbers. So think of Jivaro as your assistant which will hand you a hammer when you need it and not the whole toolbox.

Street & Positional Awareness

Theme Auto-Adjusting

Jivaro Premium detects and automatically adjusts to the theme you are using for your poker table, so you never have to re-adjust the HUD – It all happens automatically.

Much care has been put into ensuring that Jivaro uses up as little space on your poker table as possible. We understand that our application is secondary to the actual poker playing and as such we try to have Jivaro stay as much in the background as possible.

Theme Auto-Adjusting

Live Notes and Coloring

For those that use coloring and/or notes in Pokerstars to highlight or comment on users, then you should be happy that information is fully represented in Jivaro Premium automatically. Any color tag you place on a user is now displayed at the top of the Statistics Panel and you can continue to add color tags by right mouse-clicking on the user’s avatar image within the circular indicator.

Live Notes and Coloring

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